You work hard to field the best team or facilities possible. With synthetic turf featuring CushionFall® Sport green rubber infill, you’ll have the best field possible, too — with a vibrant appearance that enhances the overall excitement and experience of your players and fans.

Specifically engineered for the synthetic grass market, CushionFall Sport is a vibrant, durable crumb rubber infill coating that delivers outstanding aesthetic, maintenance and safety benefits.

Vibrant Turf Infill

CushionFall Sport delivers a natural, consistently colorful appearance all season, every season, and is ideal for sporting events televised in HD — eliminating “five-o’clock shadowing” common to black infills.

Durable Turf Infill

With its UV resistance, CushionFall Sport helps artificial turf retain flexibility and elasticity, with minimized static cling effect.

Safe Turf Infill

CushionFall Sport is eco-friendly. While synthetic sports turf meet EPA standards, CushionFall Sport takes safety further by encapsulating the recycled crumb rubber infill and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 71 percent and heavy metal runoff by 80 percent.

If you’re installing synthetic turf, don’t settle for anything but the best — skip black turf infill and ask for CushionFall Sport for your field.