CushionFall® Sport is an infill material placed on top of the synthetic turf backing system, between the synthetic surface fibers. CushionFall Sport infill is needed for resiliency as well as structural integrity and directional stability of the synthetic turf system. The intent is to offer a product that provides the aesthetics and playing conditions of a plush, pristine natural grass surface in ideal conditions.

Download the full material specifications and installation procedures.

Quality Turf Infill Material

  1. CushionFall Sport infill material is comprised of 100% color-coated and encapsulated styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) rubber (ambient or cryogenically processed) to be used exclusively or in combination with sand.
  2. CushionFall Sport granules shall contain minimal dust and be clean, uniformly sized particles consistent in shape and particle size distribution.
  3. The colorant applied to the surface of the SBR rubber granules will be specifically designed for use in athletic field surfaces, non-chromatic and free of all heavy metal.
  4. The coating and encapsulation process will reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metal runoff of the ambient SBR rubber to be coated.
  5. The material will withstand full climatic exposure in the USA, be resistant to ultraviolet light and heat degradation, and shall allow rapid free movement of surface runoff through turf.
  6. All rubber utilized by Colorbiotics to produce the CushionFall Sport product must conform to the Synthetic Turf Council’s 2011 recommended guidelines as established in October, 2010 and outlined below:
    • The crumb rubber shall be derived from used whole vulcanized automobile, SUV, and truck tires (DOT tires for over the road). Buffings, bladders and tubes shall not be used as feedstock.
    • The crumb rubber shall have a specific gravity range from 1.1 minimum to 1.2 maximum as determined by ASTM D 297 (including any modifications made by ASTM in the future).
    • The crumb rubber shall have an ash content of between 5 and 15% as determined by ASTM D 297 (including any modifications made by ASTM in the future).
    • The crumb rubber shall not contain more than .01% (of the total weight of crumb rubber) liberated fiber (no more than 0.6 lbs per ton) tested per ASTM D 5603. The liberated fiber remaining in the CRI shall be free flowing and not agglomerated into clumps of fiber as received at the job site.
    • The crumb rubber shall be dry and free flowing.